Why Santa should use Google Drive

Think of all the Christmas lists Santa receives this time of year – on little scraps of paper, in letters and probably even some emails. It may be the same way your family shares their lists with you. There’s a much better solution, and you can get everyone started in just a few minutes.

Google Drive is a program and a place where you can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more and store them “in the cloud” for free. It’s a great Google product with many uses besides sharing Christmas lists, but what better way to get started playing with it!

  • Log into your Google account (if you don’t have an account yet, instructions are here.)
  • In the black menu bar at the top, click on Drive.
  • On the left side, click on Create and then Document.
  • A blank document will open.
  • Click on the title Untitled Document.
  • Type a new title in the pop-up box and click Done. Your change is automatically saved.
  • Click on Share in the upper right corner.
  • A box will display showing yourself as the owner and a place to enter contacts with whom you are sharing the list.
  • For an individual’s Christmas list, enter the email info for that person.
  • He or she must have a Gmail or at least a Google account.
  • Leave Notify people via email checked.
  • Click on Add message – and write a short explanation that they are to fill in their Christmas list.
  • Click Share & save and you’re done!

Once the list is completed you can view it on your iPhone, iPad or computer. You can share it with other family members. Plus, I’ve trained my family to include links to any online sites to make my shopping really easy.

iPhone Settings To Change Right Before You Leave the USA

Your big trip has finally arrived! You have reservations in hotels with Wi-Fi. You have a Google Voice account for your cell phone’s voicemail while you’re away and you’ve recorded your voicemail greeting. You’ve joined Skype, downloaded the Skype app to your iPhone, set up your Skype contacts, purchased Skype credit and practiced. Now, what are all those pesky settings that need to be changed on your iPhone right before you leave so that you don’t have an unpleasant surprise on your phone bill next month? Change these iPhone settings while waiting at the gate or right after you board the plane.

  1. (This one’s optional!) If you are a Facetime user and plan to use it abroad, touch Settings>>FacetimeFacetime should be ON and Use Cellular Data OFF.
  2. Touch the Home button.
  3. Touch iPhone-phone-icon.
  4. Touch Favorites.
  5. Touch Call Forwarding On (which you previously created).  Listen for the three beeps that indicate calls to your cell phone will be forwarded to your Google Voice voicemail.
  6. Touch the Home button.
  7. Touch Settings.
  8. Turn Airplane Mode ON. (In airplane mode, no phone, wi-fi or bluetooth signals are emitted. If your airplane offers wi-fi service that you’d like to use, go to Settings>>Wi-Fi ON.)
  9. When you arrive at your foreign destination, leave Airplane Mode ON. Turn on Wi-Fi access by touching Settings>>Wi-Fi ON.
  10. If you need to activate Bluetooth, touch Settings>>Bluetooth ON.
  11. You MUST leave Airplane Mode ON the whole time you are abroad to prevent any cellular usage of your phone.
  12. Now, have a great trip!