A Better Alternative to Gmail’s New Tabs

Anyone who uses and accesses Gmail online (as opposed to using a program like Outlook in your computer) has noticed Gmail’s new tabs across the top of your Gmail messages. The tabs are Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forum. Gmail has begun automatically organizing your messages into these categories which may or may not be helpful to you.

You can train Gmail’s new system so that certain emails get organized in the correct Gmail tabs, or you can turn off Gmail’s tabs and create your own automatic organization system with multiple inboxes.

One reason to use multiple inboxes over Gmail’s tabs is that you can see your messages in each of the inboxes on the same page.  With Gmail tabs, it’s too easy to forget that you have to click on the tabs to actually see your messages. Another advantage to creating multiple inboxes is to more specifically categorize and separate your incoming email messages; the Gmail tabs feature does not allow you to make up your own labels for the tabs.

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Some Tips for Better Viewing in Gmail

There are many reasons for switching to Gmail: it’s web-based and not dependent on a particular device, it keeps your emails automatically backed-up, it frees up your computer’s memory for other files, it integrates so nicely with other Google products, and it’s free. You may, however, think that it’s not as easy to use as your old email program. Actually, Gmail has settings that will make viewing your messages much easier.

1) Add a Preview Pane to Gmail

If you’ve ever used Outlook or Outlook Express, you may remember that the content of the selected email message was displayed along with the list of all email messages in your inbox. By using the arrow keys, you could quickly scroll through and read your email without actually clicking in the message list to open an email. To add the same functionality to Gmail:
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