How to Manage your iPhone Photos #1 Seven reasons why you should

When I was little girl, having my picture taken was an agonizingly long affair. First my dad had to go get his camera, take it out of its special case, attach the flash, put a new bulb in the flash attachment, position me just so, and then measure the light with his light meter. Then he would fiddle around with all the lens settings until finally, one shot could be taken!

To my dismay, he would start all over with a new bulb, light readings, winding the film, etc.

It’s a miracle that he had the patience to take a couple of thousand photos during my youth. Compare that to the thousands of photos many people take in less than a year’s time today.

Here’s a staggering number for you. In 2015, worldwide, we uploaded and shared over 1.5 TRILLION photos through various sites like Facebook and Instagram. And that’s just the pictures that were uploaded and shared!

When my father would receive his developed slides (his preference over prints), he didn’t throw them in a pile on top of his desk or dump them in a drawer. He culled the bad shots and carefully numbered and cataloged the good ones into special slide boxes.

Those preciously organized pictures were his gift and legacy to me and his grandchildren.

In our haste to capture so many moments of our lives with our cell phone cameras, I’d like to suggest that there are some important reasons for learning how to manage the photos that are rapidly filling up your phones.

  1. It is time-consuming and difficult to find a particular picture when you want to show someone.
  2. You’d like to share all of your photos from a recent trip with other family members, but it’s impossible to email or text them all, little by little.
  3. You keep getting the “Not Enough Storage” message that your iPhone cannot be backed up. This leads to…
  4. Apple selling you additional iCloud storage so that you won’t get that message and maybe your photos will be backed up.
  5. Depending on the storage capacity of your phone, you could eventually run out of space.
  6. One day, you will forget the important facts about certain photos that you wanted to remember.
  7. When you are gone, your photos will be forgotten or deleted. Who is going to take the time to go through your digital mountain of unorganized pictures?

Depending on the extent of your photo clutter, the initial process to get your iPhone pictures “in shape” will take some time. But with clear explanations and step-by-step instructions, you can go from snapshot mayhem to photo supremacy.

If you are ready to create a discipline for managing and organizing your iPhone photos, I invite you to join me in this four-part series