3 Steps to Organize Your Apps

Do you ever find yourself searching and searching for an app on your iPhone or iPad instead of knowing just where to find it? We download apps to make us more productive, help us exercise, learn a new language, share photos, and at some point we have so many apps that we struggle to find the right one at the right time.

Yes, you can use Siri or Spotlight Search function to quickly find an app, but for some reason that’s a difficult habit to create.

If you find yourself scrolling through pages of apps on your iPhone, it’s time to organize them in a way that makes sense for you.

A recent article on mashable.com described “7 Creative Ways to Organize Your Mobile Apps.” Some were quite creative, like arranging your apps based on their icon color! I don’t think my brain would do well with that organizational system.

I actually like combining several of the Mashable suggestions.

1) Organize your apps into folders

  • On your iPhone/iPad screen find two or more apps that you would group in the same category.
  • Hold your finger on one of those apps.
  • When it begins to wiggle, drag the app onto the top of the other same-category app until it appears to be “swallowed.”
  • Lift your finger off of the screen.
  • The iPhone will create a folder for the two apps and name the folder.
  • To change the name of the folder, tap the name field, touch the “x” on the right side and type a new name.
  • Touch Done.
  • Tap the screen above the shaded folder area to return to the full screen.
  • Continue moving wiggling apps.
  • Press the Home key once to end the edit mode for your apps.

2) Within each folder, organize by frequency of app usage

  • Hold your finger on a folder until it wiggles.
  • Tap the folder to open.
  • Drag the apps within your folder to arrange them in the order of how often you use them.
  • Press the Home key once to end the edit mode for your apps.

3) Arrange each folder in alphabetical order

  • Hold your finger on a folder until it wiggles.
  • Drag the folders to arrange them in alphabetical order.
  • Press the Home key once to end the edit mode for your apps.

Now, when you’re searching for a particular app, search first for the type of app, alphabetically, by folder.

One final suggestion. Do not put the apps that you use all the time in folders. Leave a select few out and on your first screen in the top row and the bottom row. 

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