About Those 2014 Resolutions…

What are your New Year’s resolutions? To learn to use your iPhone or iPad better? To actually know enough to enjoy using your iPhone/iPad? To finally get your photos organized on your iMac or Macbook so that you can enjoy showing and viewing them?

If any of these goals resonate with you, it’s time. Time to take steps to improve your iPhone/iPad proficiency and confidence. Time to begin getting your photos organized so that you can enjoy them and eventually pass them down to your children or grandchildren.

A year from now, you can either feel the same frustration with your devices or you can marvel at how easy it is to use your iPhone/iPad. You can show and share special times with very cool slideshows. You can feel like you are keeping up with technology.

I am offering three classes in January to help you with your iPhones, iPads and photos. Two will be offered locally in Hendersonville, NC and one will be virtual that you can take from the comfort of your own home or office, just about anywhere!

The Classes – click here for all the details and registration!

  1. Liberate Your iPhone/iPad with the Basics – 2-part class, January 23 & 30
  2. Liberate Your iPhone/iPad with Cloud Storage – 2-part class, January 14 & 21
  3. The iPhoto Slideshow Workshop – beginning January 24

Sign up soon and start enjoying your iPhones, iPads and photos!

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