Another New Setting in Gmail

For those of you with Gmail addresses, you should have received an email from Gmail recently that looks like this. it’s not spam and it’s important!

Google has made a change that can allow people who are not in your contact list to email you. It sounds a lot like the way Facebook and LinkedIn users can privately message any other Facebook or LinkedIn member, while keeping the recipient’s email address private. I’ve actually used this capability before to reach a long lost co-worker.

This is part of Google’s push to enhance their own social network, called Google+. It’s not necessarily a bad change, given that there are some people from my life with whom I’d like to make email contact. But not everyone is going to want that, so Gmail gives you control over who can email you.

To change this setting, either click on the link in the email, or from your Gmail screen:

  • Click the  on the right side.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Under the General tab, look for Email via Google+ on the left side.
  • Change Who can email you via your Google+ profile to Anyone on Google+, Extended circles, Circles or No one.
  • If you make a change, be sure to click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Remember, this is only for people who are using Google+ to email you. This setting does not affect email that is sent directly to your Gmail address from someone who knows that address. So if you change your Settings to allow “No one” to email you through Google+, your email will look and act the way it always has.

I’ve decided to allow email from my “Extended circles” for now. I can always change it at anytime. I actually think I’m going to like it.

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