Apps for Saving Money

Apps that compare prices to help you save money are great as long as you understand that the prices shown are only as good as the information available to the apps. That means that apps that compare items between different stores depend upon store websites that post items and prices. Therefore, a small, local store is unlikely to be included in price comparisons. Gas price apps depend upon users submitting current fuel prices accurately, so you may find prices to be different when you pull into your selected station.

Like all popular iPhone app categories, there are hundreds of apps that help you price shop. Here are a few worth trying:

  •  RedLaser (free) – scans barcodes for price comparing and QR codes for accessing more information. Also searches by text or photo. Based on the item you are comparing, it will display online and local store prices, details and reviews. It doesn’t seem to have many reviews on products yet.
  • Decide (free & paid) – price shopping and price predictor for electronics, appliances, home & garden and sporting goods. The free version will display reviews and prices for an item. For $4.99/month or $29.99/year, it predicts when a price is going to go up or down, will alert you if a watched item drops in price and predicts if a model is about to be replaced or is already obsolete. After you install the free version, you will likely be offered a three day promotional price to join immediately for $10.00/year.
  •  GasBuddy (free) – Easy to find gas prices by touching Find Gas Near Me. Depends on its community of users to update gas prices and rewards those users with points to win prizes.

If you have a favorite app for saving money, please share it below in the comments!


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