Are You Connecting with Your Kids or Irritating Them?

I took a walk this weekend.

My husband and I were getting some exercise early Sunday morning in Roanoke, Virginia.

We were on our way home from dropping off child #3 in Washington, DC for an internship.

As we were rounding the corner, we noticed a store with big windows and a large poster hanging in the window. The text on the poster simply said “Hi Sara.”

That is child #1’s name – Sara, without an ‘h.’ I knew it would put a smile on her face to see it, so I grabbed the iPhone, took the picture and immediately texted it to her with a very short message like, “Saw this and thought of you!”

My daughter didn’t want a phone call from me on Sunday morning, but I could show her I was thinking of her in a unique way that she would like.

When you see something that makes you think of your special young adult or teen, that’s the moment and the gift that you can use to connect quickly, but personally. Just don’t abuse it.

Connect with your children (and older grandchildren) the way they connect with others.

It’s not hard to share a moment. 

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