How to Manage Your iPhone Photos – Epilogue How to get old photos, slides and film scanned

After receiving questions and requests for advice on how to digitize old photos and slides, I’ll make some suggestions here, based on my own experience and recommendations from a website I trust. There are two ways to get your old pictures into high-quality digital format: 1) do-it-yourself with a good scanner, or 2) use a professional […]

How to Manage Your iPhone Photos #4 In 5 simple steps

Now it’s time to get down to the “how to keep my iPhone photos under control” part of this series. What you will learn here is an ongoing system for saving and sharing photos and keeping your iPhone’s photo clutter minimized. If you followed my steps in Part 3, the worst is over. These are the […]

How to Manage Your iPhone Photos #3 Getting your iPhone photos cleaned up and cleared out

In the first installment of this series, I proposed seven reasons for learning how to manage your iPhone photos. Then, in the second part, I explained the effects of your Photos Settings on your photo management goals. In this article I will show you how to get your iPhone photos organized and cleared out in […]

How to Manage Your iPhone Photos #2 iPhone photo settings you need to understand

In my last article, I suggested seven reasons for learning to manage the photos on your iPhone. From simply saving time in the long run to leaving a cherished legacy to your loved ones, mastering your photographic chaos will pay you back in spades. In this, Part 2, of the iPhone photo management series, I […]

How to Manage your iPhone Photos #1 Seven reasons why you should

When I was little girl, having my picture taken was an agonizingly long affair. First my dad had to go get his camera, take it out of its special case, attach the flash, put a new bulb in the flash attachment, position me just so, and then measure the light with his light meter. Then […]

Are You the Victim of False Alarms?

It was the day before the big January snow and I was simply replying to an email on my iPhone. Yes, it was from an odd location – a grocery store in a neighboring city. But instead of a satisfactory “swoosh” after I touched Send, a message popped up on my iPhone. “Someone just used […]

Better Late Than Never Resolutions for 2016

Wow, the first month of 2016 is almost half over and it’s time for me to have a plan, or at least intentions, for both my personal technology goals and my technology help outreach. In the personal technology goals category, this is what I want to accomplish in the short term: Begin to get control […]

Pocket that!

Bad habits are hard to break, especially digital bad habits. We don’t even realize we are creating these habits until we are overwhelmed by our inability to find anything on our computers and mobile devices. In fact, most of us treat the information on our computer like a stranger unloading our dishwasher and putting all […]

4 iOS 9 Features Worth Trying

Now that iOS 9 for the iPhone and iPad has been out for a month or more and has even had a few updates, I’d like to share my four favorite features and encourage you to start using them. They are listed in reverse order because I saved the best for last! 4. Wi-Fi Assist […]

What in the World is The Internet of Things?

In the past year or two, you may have noticed the phrase the ‘internet of things’ being used in news reports or articles. When I first heard that terminology, I wasn’t quite certain what it meant. Now that the Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality, I’d like to help you understand it and take […]

Do You Know How to Really Clean Your Computer?

Buying a new computer is kind of like moving. When you move, you’re inspired to clean out, give away or throw away your clutter because the last thing you want to see in your new dwelling is your old junk. I recently felt the same way when I purchased a new laptop. I still love […]

My favorite “To Do List” App for the iPhone

My husband has been asking me for over a year to research “To Do List” apps for the iPhone, and I’ve put it off as long as I could. You see, I knew that there were lots of apps in that category. Three thousand three hundred eleven to be exact! The Review Since I couldn’t […]