All Things Google

Are You the Victim of False Alarms?

It was the day before the big January snow and I was simply replying to an email on my iPhone. Yes, it was from an odd location – a grocery store in a neighboring city. But instead of a satisfactory “swoosh” after I touched Send, a message popped up on my iPhone. “Someone just used […]

Pocket that!

Bad habits are hard to break, especially digital bad habits. We don’t even realize we are creating these habits until we are overwhelmed by our inability to find anything on our computers and mobile devices. In fact, most of us treat the information on our computer like a stranger unloading our dishwasher and putting all […]

Comparing the Top Cloud Storage Services

In a perfect world, there would be one cloud storage service that worked equally well for Apple, Android and Windows devices. It would have the capacity to save all of your photos, videos and documents in the cloud and show up-to-date copies of every cloud-stored item on your computer, smartphone and tablet. A feature commonly […]

Do You Care About Your Digital Afterlife?

About a month ago, I received an email notification that it was a Facebook friend’s birthday. I get an email like that almost every day because I have my Facebook account set up to remind me when one of my friends has a birthday. The person for this particular birthday reminder was actually a friend […]

Google is Paying You to Review Your Account Settings

Apparently, February 10 was “Safer Internet Day.” I guess I never got the memo! I did, however, find out that in honor of “Safer Internet Day,” Google will give you an extra 2 gigabytes of storage for reviewing security features on your account. It’s quick, easy and well-worth three minutes of your time. This is […]

Hoping to get control of your Inbox in 2015?

Each late December, when the new year is approaching, I instinctively think about goals for the coming year. Of course, that leads me to think about the resolutions I made for the current year and whether or not I accomplished them. Many of my goals are technology oriented. You may have some technology goals yourself. […]

How to Organize Your Family Vacation

Ahhh, summertime in the South. For many of us, that means multi-generational, family beach trips. And that means divvying up who’s bringing what and who’s cooking when. My family’s annual beach trip is in its 75th year this summer. It began two decades before I was born. I guess we could it call the Diamond […]

My Latest STSM&D (Save Time, Save Money & Delight) Tips!

This summer is flying by and, not to be corny, if you’re making reservations involving flying, be sure to see my tip below. There’s also an awesome trivia game that you play with Google Maps, a citizen science site where you help with real research projects and beautiful backgrounds to customize your Gmail page.