Hoping to get control of your Inbox in 2015?

Each late December, when the new year is approaching, I instinctively think about goals for the coming year. Of course, that leads me to think about the resolutions I made for the current year and whether or not I accomplished them. Many of my goals are technology oriented. You may have some technology goals yourself. […]

Need to backup your computer? Here’s how.

We all know it. We’ve been told many times. Everyone should be backing up their computers. In our house, we’ve been backing up two iMac’s automatically to an Apple external hard drive called Time Capsule. It works great, but I’ve never felt that it was much of a backup solution. Here’s why. It only takes […]

Getting Your iPhone (or iPad) Ready for iOS7 – Part 1

The introduction of two new iPhones and a totally new operating system for the iPhone is always a great time to do some housekeeping with your old iPhone (and iPad). You may not be upgrading to a new iPhone anytime soon, but you will be needing to upgrade your iPhone’s operating system which is called […]

Getting Ready for a New iPhone 5 from an older iPhone

A few housekeeping reminders if you have a new iPhone 5 coming soon. Order a good case to protect your new phone immediately. is a an easy place to see lots of different options and user reviews. Order an extra screen protector. Brand new screen protector and clean phone. It never stuck at the […]