Cloud Storage

Comparing the Top Cloud Storage Services

In a perfect world, there would be one cloud storage service that worked equally well for Apple, Android and Windows devices. It would have the capacity to save all of your photos, videos and documents in the cloud and show up-to-date copies of every cloud-stored item on your computer, smartphone and tablet. A feature commonly […]

A Simple Explanation of Cloud Storage

A client recently asked me to explain cloud storage to him. He knew that cloud storage exists on computers in locations other than your own computer and that your files can be saved and accessed in cloud storage via the internet. But, due to the growing number of different cloud storage options, it has become […]

ios 8: The Disappointments

In my last article, I described some of my favorite improvements to the iPhone’s new operating system called iOS 8. This week I’ll share some of the features that disappointed me and begin an explanation of the new iCloud Drive. Siri When I first heard that iOS 8 would let me voice-activate Siri with a simple “Hey, […]

Need to backup your computer? Here’s how.

We all know it. We’ve been told many times. Everyone should be backing up their computers. In our house, we’ve been backing up two iMac’s automatically to an Apple external hard drive called Time Capsule. It works great, but I’ve never felt that it was much of a backup solution. Here’s why. It only takes […]

How to Share Multiple iPhone Pictures

One of the delights of having an iPhone is being able to share photos with others – either directly through a text message or email or by posting to a website like Facebook or Pinterest. It’s quick, easy and fun. But what about sharing groups of photos from a vacation at the beach or a […]

Catch up and Keep Up with Technology!

Catching up and keeping up with technology requires some effort when you first begin and a willingness to learn and change as products evolve, but it is the key to staying current and having a frustration-free digital life. The foundation for achieving your digital bliss is synchronization. If you can get your devices synchronized in […]

Getting Your iPhone (or iPad) Ready for iOS7 – Part 1

The introduction of two new iPhones and a totally new operating system for the iPhone is always a great time to do some housekeeping with your old iPhone (and iPad). You may not be upgrading to a new iPhone anytime soon, but you will be needing to upgrade your iPhone’s operating system which is called […]

Google Drive vs. iCloud – How to Use Them

Please go to my updated article comparing Google Drive and iCloud!!! Comparing the Top Cloud Storage Services There are many products which offer “in the cloud” storage for saving your digital files and photographs. “In the cloud” storage means you are saving your files on a server accessed via the internet instead of on your own […]