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Pocket that!

Bad habits are hard to break, especially digital bad habits. We don’t even realize we are creating these habits until we are overwhelmed by our inability to find anything on our computers and mobile devices. In fact, most of us treat the information on our computer like a stranger unloading our dishwasher and putting all […]

4 iOS 9 Features Worth Trying

Now that iOS 9 for the iPhone and iPad has been out for a month or more and has even had a few updates, I’d like to share my four favorite features and encourage you to start using them. They are listed in reverse order because I saved the best for last! 4. Wi-Fi Assist […]

Do You Know How to Really Clean Your Computer?

Buying a new computer is kind of like moving. When you move, you’re inspired to clean out, give away or throw away your clutter because the last thing you want to see in your new dwelling is your old junk. I recently felt the same way when I purchased a new laptop. I still love […]

My favorite “To Do List” App for the iPhone

My husband has been asking me for over a year to research “To Do List” apps for the iPhone, and I’ve put it off as long as I could. You see, I knew that there were lots of apps in that category. Three thousand three hundred eleven to be exact! The Review Since I couldn’t […]

Choosing a Password Manager

I give up. I am drowning in an ocean of passwords and it’s time to save myself. It’s time for me to decide on a password manager program and burn my pages upon pages of passwords. A password manager is an app for your computer and mobile devices that securely stores your passwords so you […]

Hoping to get control of your Inbox in 2015?

Each late December, when the new year is approaching, I instinctively think about goals for the coming year. Of course, that leads me to think about the resolutions I made for the current year and whether or not I accomplished them. Many of my goals are technology oriented. You may have some technology goals yourself. […]

How to Organize Your Family Vacation

Ahhh, summertime in the South. For many of us, that means multi-generational, family beach trips. And that means divvying up who’s bringing what and who’s cooking when. My family’s annual beach trip is in its 75th year this summer. It began two decades before I was born. I guess we could it call the Diamond […]

Yes, You Can Have Email Lists on Your iPhone/iPad!

One of the time-saving features in most email programs is the ability to organize contacts into groups for emailing everyone in a couple of mouse clicks. If you’ve set up email groups on your computer, you’ve probably noticed that you cannot use them to email from your iPhone or iPad.  What was Apple thinking! Whether […]