Catch up and Keep Up with Technology!

Catching up and keeping up with technology requires some effort when you first begin and a willingness to learn and change as products evolve, but it is the key to staying current and having a frustration-free digital life. The foundation for achieving your digital bliss is synchronization. If you can get your devices synchronized in […]

The Best Way to Set Up Contacts, Calendars and Gmail on Your iPhone (your iPad, too!)

Until recently, I taught a different set up for synchronizing contacts and calendars on the iPhone/iPad, but Google is phasing out that program called Google Sync and I have rewritten the set up instructions. Below is the best Google-supported process for connecting and synchronizing your iPhone/iPad to Gmail, Gmail contacts and Google calendars. If you […]

How to Share Calendars with Family and Friends

We all forget birthdays and feel guilty for not sending a card on time to a niece or uncle.  We all schedule social activities, tell our significant others, and then are disappointed when they forget and schedule something else.  Sharing common calendars takes a little bit of time to set up, but will provide immeasurable […]

How to Share Google Calendars with Your Mac’s Calendar

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we practice calendar diversity in our family.  I use Google calendars and my husband uses iCal (soon to be Calendar when he upgrades to Mountain Lion OS).  With our crazy schedules, it’s really helpful to be able to view each other’s calendars and even share a few.  Recently […]

How to Sync Your Mac computer calendar with your iPhone/iPad

My husband uses iCal on his iMac for all of his calendars.  As I’ve mentioned before, I use Google calendars.  This “how to” is step 2 in a three step process that will eventually allow you to sync Mac and/or Google calendars together across multiple Macs,  iPhones and  iPads.  In my own situation, that means […]

How to Sync Google calendars with your iPhone/iPad

Syncing your Google calendars with your iPhone/iPad is really simple.  After following these instructions, you will be able to add or change events on your Google calendars from one device (like your iPhone), and it will make the same changes to your Google calendars on your iPad and computer. Getting Your iPhone/iPad Ready If you […]

How to Sync Multiple Calendars with Multiple Users and Multiple iPhones, iPads and Computers

In a perfect digital world, you and your significant other should each have your own calendars that are synced with each other and across all your devices.  In addition, having a shared calendar or two for family birthdays or vacations can really simplify scheduling within families.  My next few posts will teach you how to […]

The Best Way To Set Up Gmail On Your iPhone and iPad

The ability to check email and send email from anywhere, on any of your devices, is a real time-saver, but only if ALL of your devices “know” what’s being changed, deleted, etc.  It’s called syncing and it’s supposed to make your electronic life easier.  For example, deleting emails on your iPhone while you’re having your […]