Catch up and Keep Up with Technology!

Catching up and keeping up with technology requires some effort when you first begin and a willingness to learn and change as products evolve, but it is the key to staying current and having a frustration-free digital life. The foundation for achieving your digital bliss is synchronization. If you can get your devices synchronized in the following three areas, you will amaze yourself!

1) Mail, contacts, calendars and notes

Choose one Internet-based program for your contacts, your calendars, your email and notes. With a web-based system, your contacts, calendars, notes and email will automatically update across all of your devices whenever a change is made on one device. Plus, you can log into your account from any computer, almost anywhere in the world.

There are many choices for web-based email programs from Windows, Apple, Yahoo, AOL, etc., but my favorite is Gmail because of it’s simple interface, commitment to innovation and so many extras that come with a Gmail account. If you have several email addresses, you can set up the Gmail program so that they all come in through Gmail and display in different inboxes.

It is very easy to get unsynchronized on an iPhone or iPad if you aren’t aware of some important settings. If you thought you had your mail, contacts, calendars and notes set up properly, yet you aren’t seeing the same information on all your devices, you probably have some settings wrong.

2) Photos

Thanks to Apple’s Photo Stream and iCloud, the photos you take on your iPhone and iPad can be automatically synchronized with each other and even downloaded to your computer – all wirelessly and without your intervention!

3) Cloud Storage

Storing your documents, files, photos, etc with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or Evernote can save memory on your computer and boost your productivity through better organization. These cloud storage apps will automatically sync and update your files across all your devices and make sharing files a cinch.

If you are in or near Hendersonville, NC and you want to catch up, keep up and get synchronized, come to my class Liberate Your iPhone/iPad – Part 1! It’s next Tuesday, October 8 from 9am – 2pm. There are a few openings left, so click here for details and registration!

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