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I’ve changed the format for my iPhone/iPad Basics and the Cloud Storage classes. Instead of a one-day, 5-hour class, both classes will be taught in two sessions, a week apart. This will give you time to practice and assimilate what you learn. The Basics class is not a prerequisite for the Cloud Storage class. You can take the classes in any order.

My new class, The iPhoto Slideshow Workshop, will be taught virtually for six weeks. I am super excited about this class. I’ve been creating video slideshows of special vacations or for Christmas cards for a couple of years. They are easy to share for others to see, you can play them on a TV, computer, iPhone, iPad, etc. And the absolute best part is that you can enjoy re-living those special times so easily! It also saves those precious memories of your life to pass on.

The beauty of a virtual class is that you can take it from just about anywhere in the world, at your leisure. Take it late at night, on a Saturday in your pajamas – you get the picture. Even the live, weekly Q&A will be recorded and available whenever you need it.

Each week you will receive videos from me that will progressively teach you how to create awesome slideshow movies of your photos, set to music. A few days after you receive the week’s video instructions, I will host a live Q&A online where you can ask questions for any areas that are challenging to you. You will continue to have access to the instruction videos for future slideshows that you create. Once you’ve created a couple of video slideshows, it will be so easy for you!

2-Part Class

January 23 & 30, 2014

9 – 11:30 am

Liberate Your iPhone/iPad


the Basics

125 Interlude Place
Hendersonville, NC


What you will learn:

  • How to automatically synchronize your iPhone/iPad photos and save to your computer.
  • Settings and features you should know in iOS 7!
  • How to set up iPhones/iPads to sync contacts through Gmail.
  • How to set up iPhones/iPads to sync calendars through Google calendars.
  • How to send from different email addresses on your iPhone/iPad using Gmail.
  • How to use Google Calendars for reminders, birthdays, events, appointments, work, vacation, etc.
  • How to share different Google Calendars with family or friends – automatically synced with all your devices.
  • How to use your iPhone/iPad as a scanner
  • How to use Google Drive for cloud storage and access
  • How to download, sign, and fax or email signed documents from your iPhone/iPad
  • Answers to your specific questions

Cost: $79Register Now

Pre-Basics Class One on One Session

Required if any of the following describe your situation:

  • You are migrating from an old email address to Gmail.
  • You use multiple email addresses.
  • You have different contact lists (i.e., in your iPhone, iPad, iCloud, an email account, Outlook, etc.) and want them merged into Gmail contacts.
  • You are migrating your iPhone/iPad calendar to Google Calendar.

Cost: $70/hour. Email me to schedule your session or to discuss your specific situation.

6 Week Online Class

Begins January 24, 2014


iPhoto Slideshow Workshop


iMac, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air

What you will learn:

  • How to store your digital pictures in iPhoto.
  • How to organize your photos with iPhoto Events.
  • How to do basic photo editing with iPhoto.
  • How to create a Slideshow with iPhoto.
  • How to add music to an iPhoto Slideshow.
  • How to create a video of your Slideshow.
  • How to share your video Slideshow with others.

Still unsure?

Cost: $97Register Now