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A few weeks ago while I was on vacation in India, my daughter who is in the process of buying a house, emailed that she needed a letter written and signed by me as part of her loan process. I only had an iPad with me but knew that I could easily do this for her from halfway across the world! Of course, I needed to have internet access, which I did from my hotel.

The ability to create documents and sign them with your fingertip (or a stylus) will require you to download a word processing app and a digital signing app into your iPhone/iPad. I use Apple’s word processor Pages, which is $9.99 or free if you purchased your iPhone/iPad after September 1, 2013. I use a free digital signing app called HelloSign. Both apps were already on my iPad before my trip.

I created my letter with Pages and then selected to open it in HelloSign. I simply touched the screen where I wanted to place my signature and used my finger to sign my name. It looked as good and professional as if I had printed it from my home computer and signed with a pen.

Finally, I used the Send option in HelloSign to email my signed letter as an attachment. You can also use HelloSign to sign documents that have been emailed to you and send them back in a snap.

This is exactly how I did it with my iPad:

  • Touch Pages and then Create Document from the main page.
  • Select a page orientation and then type your document. It will automatically be saved in the cloud.
  • Touch the (share icon).
  • Touch Open in Another App.
  • Select a format (I chose PDF).
  • Touch Choose App.
  • Touch Open in HelloSign.
  • Touch Signature and then tap on your document to sign.
  • Using your finger or a stylus, sign your name on the line provided. Touch the X if you need to start over or the  to accept your signature and placement.
  • Hold your finger on the signature box to drag it into place.
  • Touch Send when you are finished.
  • Touch Mail and then complete your email and touch Send.

You, too, may one day find yourself needing to provide a signed document when you do not have access to a printer and scanner. Once you try it from your iPhone/iPad, you’ll realize it’s the most efficient way no matter where you are!

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