Fast Access to Your iPhone’s Camera

Have you ever learned a new shortcut, whether it’s for a task or a new driving route, and promptly forgotten to use it? We are creatures of habit and often cause ourselves unnecessary delays or frustration.

Take for example the camera on your iPhone. Do you ever grab the phone to hurriedly take a picture and go through the following steps? Press the Home button, slide the unlock and then scroll through your apps looking for the little camera icon?  Then, once you find the icon, you touch it to open the camera. By now, the moment you were trying to capture with a photo or video has passed!  The baby’s not smiling, the bear left your yard, whatever.

Thankfully, the folks at Apple have provided an awesome shortcut to the iPhone’s camera. If you’ve already been using it, kudos to you!

Press the Home or the Sleep/Wake button if your phone is dark and asleep. Right there on the Lock screen, beside the slide bar is a camera. Lightly rest one finger on the little camera, and slide your finger up the screen. The screen will lift and open to the camera on your iPhone, immediately ready for taking a picture. Remember this the next time you reach for your iPhone for a priceless shot!

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