My Favorite Apps

There are a lot of apps I use on a regular basis, but they I don’t love all of them These, however, I do love. They work well and they have become everyday tools in one way or another.

  • For Productivity and Organization

    Evernote – I can’t say enough good things about Evernote. It is where I store and organize all kinds of information from household repairs to vacation plans to technology tips. Evernote allows me to create my own little digital library of information resources, scanned receipts, my own writing – anything I want to access or remember is organized and saved in Evernote. And my information is automatically synchronized across my Mac, iPad and iPhone.

    Scannable – This is a fantastic scanning app that works great with Evernote, email, texting, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Scannable is quick and takes great pictures of documents and photos that can be sent to your chosen location as a pdf or image. It’s owned by Evernote and is the main reason I no longer have paper clutter.

  • For Reading and Learning

    Kindle – for reading ebooks on my iPad or iPhone. I prefer buying my books from Amazon, so this is my preferred ereader over iBooks.

    Audible – for reading books with my ears! Audible is now owned by Amazon, so it’s super easy to purchase and immediately download a book to my iPhone.

  • Security

    Crashplan – Crashplan securely and automatically backs up all of the files, photos and videos that are saved on my computer to its cloud backup servers. It is “peace of mind” that if something were to happen to my computer, nothing would be lost. If you are not using an off-site backup process for your important digital files, then you need Crashplan or a service like it. Crashplan offers unlimited storage space and is repeatedly mentioned as the favorite cloud backup service among many trusted experts.

    LastPass – LastPass not only saves all of my passwords, but it also saves my sanity! Your password security is serious business and LastPass makes creating strong passwords and then using them a breeze.