Getting Ready for a New iPhone 5 from an older iPhone

A few housekeeping reminders if you have a new iPhone 5 coming soon.

  1. Order a good case to protect your new phone immediately. is a an easy place to see lots of different options and user reviews.
  2. Order an extra screen protector.

    Brand new screen protector and clean phone. It never stuck at the edge!

  3. If you’re switching from AT&T to Verizon start the process to unlock your old iPhone.  It takes about 5 days.  Here’s the link to request the unlock:
  4. Get rid of useless apps on your old iPhone.
  5. Get rid of those same useless apps in your iTunes account.
  6. If your phone is showing that you have apps that need updating, update them now.
  7. Rearrange your apps and group them by most used and/or similarity.
  8. Clean up your contacts just because it’s a good time to do so.
  9. Delete photos from your camera roll that you don’t want anymore.
  10. Clean up docs from apps on your phone.
  11. Delete old notes.

When your new iPhone 5 arrives and BEFORE you turn it on, back up your old iPhone. I recommend backing it up to iCloud like this:

  • On old iPhone, touch Settings.
  • Touch iCloud.
  • Scroll down and touch Storage & Backup.
  • Make certain iCloud Backup is ON.
  • Touch Back Up Now.  This will may take 30 or more minutes.
Next post will be about the initial set up of your new iPhone 5!


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