Keeping up with technology can be frustrating, especially if the book, website or teacher doesn’t explain solutions with non-technical words. Don’t give up! iPhones and iPads are wonderful devices that can be fun and save time.

Why am I qualified to teach? If you haven’t read my About page, I have a degree in Computer Science and used to write software for Bellsouth (more than a few years ago!). I don’t pretend to know everything, but I understand these devices and their apps.

Why might I be the right person to teach you? Because I’m one of you. I speak your language and understand where technology is difficult for you. I’m not a twenty or thirty-something techno-speaking instructor.

It’s so wonderful that we live in a time when this technology is available to make our lives easier! Below are some of the areas I can help you with your devices, whether in your home or one of my classes.

  1. How to automatically synchronize your email, contacts and calendars between your iPhones, iPads and computers.
  2. If you have more than one email address, how to send and receive email for all your email addresses from Gmail on all devices.
  3. How to use Google Calendar with reminders to you for appointments, birthdays and events.
  4. How to share social/work calendars with your spouse, family or friends.
  5. How to use Google Drive.
  6. Getting the most out of iCloud.
  7. How to find your iPhone or iPad if you lose or misplace it.
  8. How to LISTEN to text messages while driving.
  9. How to voice text – safely.
  10. How to use Siri and dictation on your iPhone/iPad.
  11. Apps that will save you time and how to use them.
  12. Apps that make your life easier!

Private Lessons in Your Home or Business

Within Henderson County, NC:

1 hour – $70

1 1/2 hours – $100

Set of three 1 1/2 hour lessons – $250

Email me at to schedule your in-home lessons or to discuss a location outside of Henderson County, NC.


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