How to Avoid Charges on Your iPhone When Traveling Overseas

The more attached we are to our iPhones, the more we want them with us – even while on vacation out of the country. If you expect to use your iPhone the same way you use it in the States, then be prepared for a fairly large bill when you return home. If, however, you can plan when and how you want to use it, this article will show you how to avoid most or even all charges to your phone.

Free and Nearly Free iPhone Usability Overseas

Feature Free  $
Search the Internet via free Wifi X
Send and receive email via free Wifi X
Video chat using Facetime via free Wifi X
Voice/video call an online user with Skype via free Wifi X
Voice/video call an online user with Google via free Wifi X
Check your iPhone’s voice mail via free Wifi X
Call phone numbers anywhere in the world with Skype via free Wifi  X


I have separated what you need to know and do into three steps:

  1. Account preparations a few days before you go
  2. On the plane before you leave the United States
  3. Using your iPhone in a foreign country

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