How to Delete iPhone/iPad Apps

If you’ve had an iPhone or iPad for any length of time, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of apps that you no longer want to see in your list in the App Store for updating or in your iTunes account. You can delete an app from your iPhone/iPad by holding your finger on the icon until it wiggles and touching the black ‘x’, but that won’t remove it from your App Store list or iTunes account.

If you go into iTunes on your computer and delete the app from your Library, that won’t remove it from the list on your iPhone/iPad either. Actually you can’t fully delete an app from your iTunes account, whether it was free or you paid money for it. You can do something almost as good, though: you can hide the app through iTunes.

Here’s How You Do It

First delete the unwanted apps from all of your iPhones/iPads on which they were installed:

  • Hold your finger on an unwanted app until it wiggles.
  • Touch the black ‘x’ in the corner of the app to delete it.
  • Continue for other apps.
  • Press the Home button when finished (app icons will stop wiggling).

Then delete them from your iTunes library, as follows.

  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • In the left sidebar, under LIBRARY, click on Apps.
  • Select All (to the right) and find the apps in the displayed icons.
  • Select the apps you will delete with ctrl-left click (for PC’s) or command-left click (for Mac’s).
  • Then click Edit in the top toolbar and Delete.

Now, you need to hide the unwanted apps from your iPhone/iPad’s App Store list. With iTunes still open on your computer, in the toolbar at the top of your screen click on Store. In the pop up menu, if Sign In is an option then click on it and log in with your Apple ID that you use for the App Store. If you don’t know your App Store Apple ID, from your iPhone/iPad click on Settings > iTunes & App Stores and your Apple ID will show at the top of the screen.

If the Store menu pop up shows View Account and your Apple ID, click on it to log in. If it shows someone else’s Apple ID, then click Sign Out and then Sign In with your own Apple ID.

Once you are logged into the iTunes Store, you will notice menu items across the top of the iTunes screen. Click on App Store.

On the right side of the iTunes screen, about half-way down, you should see APP STORE QUICK LINKS. In the list below, click on Purchased. Near the top of the screen, make certain that Apps is selected and over to the right, All. You will see all of the apps you have ever downloaded with this Apple ID to your Apple devices.

To hide an app, which will also remove it from your App Store list on your iPhone/iPad, move your mouse cursor over the app until a black ‘x’ appears. Click on the ‘x’. A pop up may appear and ask if you are sure you want to hide this purchase. If so, click Hide.

To refresh the App Store list on your iPhone/iPad, touch the App Store icon on your iPhone/iPad. If the Purchased list screen is showing, touch Updates in the top left and then Purchased again. Your hidden apps will no longer be there to clutter up your list!

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