How to “File” Your Emails in Gmail

In this previous article, I explained Gmail’s filing system of Labels and showed you how to create your own Labels for saving email messages. Now, I will show you two ways to move an email message from your inbox to a Label (like a folder).

1. While the message is open

This is the most logical time to go ahead and file that email, unless you are deleting it or need to assign it to more than one Label.

  1. When an email is open for reading, Gmail has these tabs across the top.
  2. Click 
  3. Select the Label for filing the message. The message will be removed from your Inbox and filed under the Label.
  4. If you need to create a new Label for the message, click Create new at the bottom of the list.
  5. Enter the new Label name in the first field and click Create.
  6. If you are creating a sub-Label within a Label (i.e., Travel/Paris), enter the sub-Label in the first field.
  7. Check the Nest label under box.
  8. Select the existing Label in which to place your new sub-Label.

2. From the list of email messages

Sometimes you may organize your email messages days after you’ve read them, or even without opening them. Gmail lets you drag and drop messages into your Label folders.

  1. Check the boxes beside all the messages that you want to file in the same Label.

  2. Move your mouse cursor to the top of one of the checked boxes until you see a little hand.
  3. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the messages to the correct Label in the left-hand column. Don’t let go of the mouse button until you see your Label highlighted.

If you don’t like dragging and dropping, after you’ve checked the boxes, click on the  at the top. Scroll down and select the correct Label or create a new one.

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