How to Setup Your New iPhone 5

Your new iPhone 5 has arrived, and it’s time to set it up with all the information, apps, settings, etc. from your old iPhone.  If you haven’t completed my tips for Getting Ready for a New iPhone 5, do that right now.

Once you’ve done your housekeeping on your old iPhone, turn it off and turn on your new iPhone 5.  The following instructions are for setting up your phone with Wifi access using iCloud.

  1. Follow the onscreen instructions to access your Wifi network.  If password protected, you will need to know the password.
  2. When prompted, select to restore from an iCloud account.
  3. When completed, press Continue.
  4. Sign in to your Apple ID.
  5. Select your phone number and/or email address for receiving messages or Facetime requests.  For now, I would recommend just checking the phone number assigned to your iPhone 5.
  6. Select Use Siri.
  7. Register your iPhone 5 with Apple by selecting ON.
  8. Congratulations, you’re done! Touch Start Using iPhone.

It is so easy to switch from an older iPhone to the iPhone 5 with iCloud.  It takes a little while for all the apps to load into your new phone and they will be slightly darkened until they are fully loaded.  When the apps are finished loading, check out your new iPhone 5!  Every app is on the page as you arranged it on your old iphone.  Your email, calendars and contacts are set up properly.  You did all the laborious “housekeeping” before your new phone arrived.  Now, put your new screen protector and case on and enjoy you’re new iPhone 5!


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