Making Christmas Fun Again

The older I get, the more I want to create fun and memorable experiences. Because our children are grown and we have no grandchildren, making Christmas fun again has become my annual mission.  Last year, my husband and I created an elaborate crossword puzzle game with clues to a vacation gift for our “kids.” It was so much fun to make and to play on Christmas morning. Who knows, one day I may even make it available to others.

This year my “Making Christmas Fun Again” idea includes my extended family of cousins, an aunt and an uncle. We are going to have a “Cracker Barrel Christmas!” A “Cracker Barrel Christmas” is a gift exchange where every gift has to come from the Cracker Barrel gift shop – up to $20. Now, no offense to anyone who loves shopping at Cracker Barrel, but you have to admit that it won’t be hard to find some hilarious and tacky presents there.

Rather than writing out each person’s name on a piece of paper for a traditional name drawing, I decided to see if there was an online site to do it for me. I found several, but my favorite one was

I like because you simply type in your list of names and then you set up rules for each person. The rules prevent certain names from being drawn for a particular person, which is the trickiest part about a gift exchange drawing. You can even cheat a little and force a particular name to be drawn for someone.

My whole family is super excited about our “Cracker Barrel Christmas!” They don’t know it, but there’s going to be a vote for the best Cracker Barrel gift and a special prize for the winner.

I hope you are “Making Christmas Fun Again,” too!

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