My Latest STSM&D (Save Time, Save Money & Delight) Tips!

This summer is flying by and, not to be corny, if you’re making reservations involving flying, be sure to see my tip below. There’s also an awesome trivia game that you play with Google Maps, a citizen science site where you help with real research projects and beautiful backgrounds to customize your Gmail page.

The Ultimate Guide to Airline Fees

When you choose one airline over another based on ticket price, you might not be getting the best deal depending on all kinds of yet-to-be-shown fees. has a free guide so you’ll know before you click to buy! Click here for the The Ultimate Guide to Airline Fees.

 Trivial Pursuits meets Google Maps

Google Maps has a clever, educational game that can be played from any computer or mobile device that has the Google Maps app. It can certainly help pass the miles away on a family trip or occupy bored adolescents. It’s addictive and smart! There are six categories of questions from which you can choose or just start a game that will include all categories.

To play from a computer go to and begin playing. On mobile devices download the Google Maps app. To start a game from the app, click on the three lines and then Play Google Maps trivia.

 For the Bill Nye the Science Guy in you

Are you curious about space, our climate, how whales communicate or how our genes work? Scientists and universities are letting you (or a curious student) be a part of real research online. It’s called “citizen science” and allows anyone to help with important projects and maybe even find new discoveries.

Check out or and help solve a scientific mystery!

 Make your Gmail colorful

Are you a visual person? Do you think Gmail looks dull and boring? Head over to and select a beautiful background for your Gmail. It’s free!

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