New STSM&D Finds (remember Save Time, Save Money & Delight!)

 An iPhone app to stop the junk mail and save the planet!

Found out about this app at It’s called PaperKarma and all you do is take pictures of your unsolicited magazines, catalogs, credit card offers, yellow pages, etc., including both the return and sender addresses. PaperKarma will unsubscribe you from the unwanted snail mail and notify your phone when you are unsubscribed. And, it’s free!

 Easy Muffins to Make with a Child or Grandchild

Two ingredients: vanilla ice cream and self-rising flour! Add some colorful sugar sprinkles on top!

 Read Your Email, Surf the Net and Burn Calories!

Have you ever tried propping your iPad or laptop on your exercise equipment? It just doesn’t work on some of them. The SurfShelf is a portable shelf that you can attach to your stationary bike, elliptical trainer or treadmill to securely hold a laptop or tablet and burn calories while you read your morning email!


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