New STSM&D (Save Time, Save Money & Delight) Travel Tips

In keeping with the beginning of summer and my mind on an upcoming vacation, I’ve found some good information to help you save time and money when you travel.

Happy trails to you!

Stay in boutique hotels for less

If you like to stay in boutique hotels and you’re a savvy price shopper, you’ll love this website: Stayful is a unique hotel bidding site, that looks like a quick way to find a nice place at a good price. It’s only available for the following US cities: New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and New Orleans. There’s a good, short article here.

Finding cheap flights in Europe

There’s another flight price searching site to add to your arsenal. It’s called GeniusFlight. It’s claim to fame is that it finds international destinations for you based on your budget and departure city. I found the site to be a little “buggy” for departure sites in the US, but if you’re going to be in Europe and want to find inexpensive flights within Europe, it’s a great tool. When you first go to the website, be sure to select your preferred currency in the top right corner.

 Packing tip for jewelry

I’m not one to carry extra jewelry on trip involving air travel, but if you do, here’s some good advice for efficiently packing your jewelry to keep it separated and untangled.

 Wrinkle-free clothes!

I often use gallon zip-lock bags for packing my dainties, socks, etc. It keeps them all in one place and easy to find in my suitcase. I’ve also tried rolling up my clothes as I pack them to reduce wrinkles, without a lot of success. I just read this article about using really big ziplock bags – one per item of clothing. I’m going to give Seth Godin’s packing method a try when I go to Portugal next month and I’ve ordered my 2 gallon zip-lock bags!

 A limo service that’s not

Uber’s had quite a lot of press, but if you haven’t heard about it, it’s a driving service to connect riders with private drivers in over 70 cities worldwide. It’s an option over taxis and limos and I recently heard a glowing testimonial from a client. I don’t know how long it will last, but new users can get $30 off their first ride by signing up here.

And if you’re traveling to Europe and want to know how to use your iPhone for free or nearly free (like less than $10), check out my new ebook!

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