Keeping up with technology can be frustrating, especially if the book, website or teacher doesn’t explain solutions with non-technical words. Don’t give up! iPhones and iPads are wonderful devices that can be fun and save time.

Why might I be the right person to teach you? Because I’m one of you. I speak your language and understand where technology is difficult for you. I’m not a twenty or thirty-something techno-speaking instructor.

“ There are not enough words of praise for Lynn Huffman. Lynn first tutored me in using gmail, and within two weeks I became brave enough to get an iPhone.  From that point on the miracle occurred…Lynn linked my phone with my email and now I can update contact information in one spot, and behold, it is updated everywhere!! Lynn has patience and helped me understand, in a simple way, how the technology worked and more importantly, how to make the technology work for me.”
~ Jana Johnson Humleker


Feeling like you can’t keep up with technology?

Frustrated that things just don’t seem to work right on your computer devices?

Afraid that you’ll be left behind as our technological world speeds up?

“I was struggling with trying to understand different apps, how to use them for my life and business, and basically just how to jump in the ‘modern electronic pool.’ Lynn, with her kind lilting accent (which totally put me at ease) and get-it-done-easily attitude helped me understand what I needed, how to use it, and where to go next. I feel like I have a handle on my time, my apps, and that I’m not in the electronic ‘wading pool’ anymore. Thank you, Lynn!”
~ Joanna Meriwether, BS, MSW,

Do you need someone to help you at your pace and your level of ability?

Whether you are new to the iPhone, iPad or Mac or just trying to understand how to use them better and with more confidence, I can help.   This is not about teaching you useless settings. You will develop skills, confidence and have fun with your devices.


  • How to automatically synchronize your email, contacts and calendars between your iPhones, iPads and computers.
  • If you have more than one email address, how to send and receive email for all your email addresses from Gmail on all devices.
  • How to use Google Calendar with reminders to you for appointments, birthdays and events.
  • How to share social/work calendars with your spouse, family or friends.
  • How to use Google Drive.
  • How to use Evernote.
  • Getting the most out of iCloud.
  • How to use Siri and dictation on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Apps that will save you time and how to use them.
  • Apps that make your life easier!

Cost: $70 per hour
Within Hendersonville/Asheville, NC or Virtually, via Google Hangouts or Skype

For more info and to schedule click here.

“Lynn can translate computer-eze into English!”
~ Bill Humleker