How to Send from Different Email Addresses on Your iPhone/iPad

If you use Gmail on your iPhone/iPad, you may have noticed that you can only send or reply from your Gmail address.  This can be frustrating when you have additional email addresses that you use.  If you have followed my best way to set up Gmail on your  iPhone/iPad and set up Gmail for your non-Gmail addresses, then you are able to receive and read messages for all your email addresses on your iPhone/iPad.  What’s missing is the ability to send email from all of your email addresses.  By following these instructions, you will be able to choose your send-from email address on your iPhone/iPad.  This is quite helpful when you want to use your business email instead of your personal or vice versa.

Using your iPhone or iPad:  (You will follow these instructions twice if you own both.)


If the page is not blank, then touch the + sign in the top right to open a new page.

Starting with your Gmail address, type in all the email addresses you’ve set up or want to use in Gmail, separated by commas.  Do not type any spaces or hit Return (ignore any blanks Notes automatically puts in your text). This is what I typed in Notes:,,

Then simply put your finger anyplace on the text you just typed.  When a little round magnifying glass pops up, lift your finger and this bar will appear:

Touch Select All.

Touch Copy.

Press the Home key (remember, it’s the round, indented button near the bottom of your iPhone/iPad).

Touch Settings.

Touch Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Touch Gmail.

Touch Account.  Your Gmail address should be listed beside Email.

Place your finger on top of your Gmail address until the magnifying glass pops up.  Lift your finger.

Touch Select All.

Touch Paste.  Your string of emails will replace your single Gmail address.

Touch Done.

Press the Home key.

To test it, touch 

Either compose a new message or reply to a message.

Touch the Cc/Bcc, From: row.  It will expand into three separate rows.

Touch the From row.  Select your correct send-from address.

Now you can send and receive from any of your email addresses using your iPhone/iPad!

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