How to Sync Multiple Calendars with Multiple Users and Multiple iPhones, iPads and Computers

In a perfect digital world, you and your significant other should each have your own calendars that are synced with each other and across all your devices.  In addition, having a shared calendar or two for family birthdays or vacations can really simplify scheduling within families.  My next few posts will teach you how to accomplish this with simple steps.  The upcoming topics are:

  1. Syncing your Google calendar with your iPhone/iPad
  2. Syncing your Mac computer calendar with your iPhone/iPad via iCloud
  3. How to share calendars when one person uses Google calendars and the other uses iCal
  4. Setting up, sharing and editing common calendars (such as birthdays, vacations)

I’m teaching this in a series so that you can just follow the instructions that fit your calendar usage and situation.

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