10 Commandments for the Reformed Baby Boomer

This is a really weird confession, but I have been fascinated by the differences in generations and the psychology behind those differences ever since I was in high school. Maybe it’s because my dad’s second career was as a psychologist – although I never felt like he was analyzing me.

As an independent-thinking, goal-oriented baby boomer, nothing has accentuated those generational differences like finding myself in the “sandwich generation.” You know, between your silent generation parents and millennial children.

I’ve thought quite a lot about how my generation will adapt as we age.

How will we go forward in this rapidly changing world?

Will we grow or shrink?

Will we stay current or be left behind?

Will we evolve or diminish?

I have a philosophy about how I intend to live the rest of my life and I thought I’d share it with you. Do you have any others you’d add?