Can Your iPhone Keep You Unforgettable?

It’s difficult to remember all the ways your smart phone, in my case an iPhone, can help you remember little things with a quick voice command. Each time you do remember to use it, pat yourself on the back.

It’s a great feeling when you apply technology as a tool to save time, solve a problem, or be more productive.

I just had a pat-myself-on-the-back moment the other day.

Upon returning from a week’s vacation, I was faced with a mountain of laundry. In our household, drying times vary depending on the items and I invariably need to check the dryer periodically to pull a shirt here, some shorts there.

It’s the “periodically” that gets me every time. I tell myself that I’ll come back in “x” minutes and then I forget!

As I berated myself for letting certain pieces get too dry, I had a revelation! It’s so simple that I’m almost embarrassed to tell you, but maybe you too have had laundry amnesia and would like to know.

When you load your dryer, tell your phone “Remind me to check the dryer in five minutes.” Or, you can tell it “Set the timer for 5 minutes.” 

We’re all busy with overloaded brains.

Think of all the ways you can let your phone keep you on track. Whenever you begin a thought with “I need to remember….”, tell Siri to remind you. Use it for staying on schedule, cooking, and remembering errands. You can even set up recurring reminders like “Remind me to call my mother every Sunday at 5 pm.”

There are two requirements for this to work, though:

  1. You have to keep your phone with you.
  2. Your notification sound needs to be loud enough for you to hear.

On the iPhone, you can change the alert sound for Reminders in the Notification Center settings. The Timer sound is set up directly through the iPhone’s Clock app.

Here’s how to set up your sounds for Reminders and the Timer.

First, check your Siri settings

  • Touch Settings>General>Siri.
  • Siri should be ON (green).
  • Touch General>Settings in the top left.
  • Press the Home button.

Change Notification Sounds

  • Touch Settings>Notification Center.
  • Scroll down and touch the Reminders.
  • Under ALERT STYLE touch Alerts.
  • Badge App Icon can be on or off, depending on whether you use that feature.
  • Touch Reminder Alerts and select a sound you can hear well.
  • Show in Notification Center can be on or off, depending on whether you use that feature.
  • Show on Lock Screen should be ON (green).
  • Touch Back>Settings in the top left.
  • Press the Home button.

Change Timer sounds

  • Touch the Clock app.
  • Touch Timer in the bottom left.
  • Touch When Timer Ends and select a sound you can hear well.
  • Touch Set in the top right.
  • Press the Home button.