The Good and Not So Good about iOS 7

A major upgrade to an operating system such as iOS 7 for the iPhone and iPad will always generate a lot of hype, negativity and excitement. I managed to download the upgrade to my iPhone the first day it was available, but then I promptly became busy with other things and didn’t spend much time looking into the new bells and whistles.

Today I began exploring the changes in my iPhone. My first impression is that there are more new features that I love then new features I don’t like.

What I’m Loving about iOS 7

  1. Automatic updating of apps. This is probably my favorite feature in iOS 7. I despised having to manually open the App Store and update my apps, until now. If you don’t want automatic updates, you can turn the setting off.
  2. Siri can play back voicemail messages over the speaker. This is my second favorite feature! I’ve been using Siri to read my text messages over the speaker to me, and now Siri can play back voicemail!
  3. iTunes radio. This is Apple’s answer to Pandora and similar internet streaming radio apps. Select one of Apple’s own genre radio stations or create your own radio station by telling Apple your favorite artists. It’s free and there are fewer ads than on Pandora.

What I do not like about iOS 7

  1. The background color for the home screen. This is minor, but when I first started using iOS 7, these baby boomer eyes could hardly see the apps on the home screen because the background color was almost the same color as the apps! My first setting change was to darken the home screen background and now it looks great.
  2. Apple changed my default Contacts setting to On My iPhone. I don’t use On My iPhone Contacts because my contacts are synchronized with my Gmail contacts. I quickly changed this back to Gmail Contacts which was my previous setting. Be sure to check your Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Notes settings before you start using your iPhone with iOS 7. These can easily be changed back to your preferences, but you need to know to look for it.

There are too many other changes to list in this article, but I do want you to know that upgrading to iOS 7 has been a good experience for me. I’ve decided to incorporate teaching many of the new features into my October 8th Liberate Your iPhone/iPad class.

For those of you who have already taken that class, I will work on a cheat sheet for you.

Don’t forget to register for either or both my classes (Oct. 8 & 18) ASAP. I am giving a technology presentation for a club tomorrow evening and they may fill up!

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