This Is Broken

You might call this my soap box page. It’s where I get to expose the minor irritations I encounter in my life – both online and out in the real world.

If you read my About page, you know that I am a problem-solver and I am constantly “seeing” the way something should be. I can’t help myself. So, as I encounter situations that I think need improvement, I’ll post them here with my solutions.

1. AT&T UVerse

AT&T, you are huge. How is it that Comcast can offer a product and service like the X1 DVR and you cannot? It’s not technically impossible! You even offer a similar service through DirecTV, which you own. Why can’t you offer it to UVerse customers?

For those of you wondering what I’m talking about, have you ever wanted to watch something you recorded on your DVR when you are away from home? Sometimes, when I’m away, is the only time I even think about my recordings and wish I could access them.

You can if you are a Comcast customer, but Comcast isn’t an option where I live.

Get with 21st Century AT&T and offer remote access to DVR recordings the way Comcast does!

2. United Healthcare

This past December, my husband and I began an excruciating application process for health insurance from United Healthcare. There is no reason why the following seems to be standard practice for the largest single health carrier in the United States and #14 on the Fortune 500:

  • No online application process – applications must be FAXED. (Because faxes tend to be lost in the chaos of open enrollment, ours had to be FAXed 3 times!)
  • Because the applications are manually entered by United Healthcare, names are misspelled.
  • No online enrollment for automatic payments via EFT.
  • No ability to print temporary insurance cards. It took two months to receive ours!

United Healthcare, the solution is to simply upgrade your website to accept online applications and set up automatic payments easily. And, once an application has been accepted, to allow printing of temporary insurance cards.