Update to Make Online Walmart Shopping Even Better!

In my recent article “Why Are You Driving to Walmart“, I completely forgot about saving even more money by shopping at Walmart.com through Upromise.com!  If you aren’t familiar with Upromise, it’s a college savings service that basically gives a percentage of your purchases back to you in a personal savings  account to be used for educational expenses or loans. Over 800 online shopping stores have partnered with Upromise, plus you can increase your financial rebates through their dining and grocery store programs.  I’ll save the details for another post, but with regard to the online shopping I recommended at Walmart.com, you can receive 5% of your total purchases back into a savings account for educational and even personal use! And, if you use a credit card that gives you points for airline rewards, the benefit is even greater.  To recap why I love shopping at Walmart.com THROUGH Upromise.com:  1) save time, 2) save gas, 3) free shipping, 4) 5% back into a savings account, and 5) airline reward miles!

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