Using Your iPhone in a Foreign Country

This is the fifth article in my series on How to Avoid Charges on Your iPhone When Traveling Overseas. If you haven’t read the previous ones, this post will be much more helpful if you read Articles 1, 2, 3 and 4 first. When you follow those instructions in this series you will be able to make phone calls, access email or go online when you have Wi-Fi internet access. Plus, it saves so much money compared to international calling plans with your cell phone service.

Once you are in your international destination with your iPhone properly set up, you will first need to:

Connect with a New Network

  • Touch Settings.
  • Touch Wi-Fi. Available networks will show under Choose a Network…
  • Select your location’s network.
  • If necessary, obtain the password from your hotel or location and enter it.

As long as you have Wi-Fi access, you can:

Skype with Family and Friends

  • Touch Skype-App-icon.
  • Touch Contacts>>Skype Contacts.
  • Select your contact.
  • Touch Video Call. Once you are connected to your contact, if you find the quality of the video call to be poor, hang up and call back as a Voice Call.
  • You can also just text through Skype by selecting IM.

Call a US Phone Number using your iPhone’s Contacts

  • Touch Skype-App-icon.
  • Touch Skype-Call-Phones-icon .
  • If +1 is not showing above the keypad, touch and hold the 0 until a “+” appears, then type 1.
  • At the right side of the number-to-dial field, touch Skype-link-to-iphone-contacts. This will open Contacts in your iPhone.
  • Find the contact you’re calling and touch their phone number to select it. The format for the number you are dialing should be +1 (area code) phone number.
  • Touch iPhone-phone-icon on the keypad to place the call.***This will use a little of your Skype credit.

Dial a US Phone Number Directly

  • Touch Skype-App-icon.
  • Touch Skype-Call-Phones-icon .
  • If +1 is not showing above the keypad, touch and hold the 0 until a “+” appears, then type 1.
  • Type the area code and number.  Skype will automatically insert parentheses and a hyphen.
  • The format for the number you are dialing should be +1 (area code) phone number.
  • Touch iPhone-phone-icon on the keypad to place the call.***This will use a little of your Skype credit.

Dial a non-US Phone Number

  • Touch Skype-App-icon.
  • Touch Skype-Call-Phones-icon.
  • Dial in the international format (use the “+” sign, then country code, then city/area code, then number) – even if you are in the same country as the number you are trying to reach.
  • Touch iPhone-phone-icon on the keypad to place the call.***Again, this will use a little of your Skype credit.

Check Your Voicemail Messages Forwarded to Google Voice

If you set up a Google Voice greeting and forwarded your cell phone calls to Google Voice before you left the United States, this is how to check your voicemail messages.

  • Touch the previously installed Google Voice app Google-Voice-Icon.
  • Sign in with your Gmail address and password, if required.
  • If you see the Menu screen, touch Voicemail to select and listen to your messages.
  • If you see the Inbox screen, you will also see messages to select.  Some may be text messages.

The last article in this series will help you get your iPhone back to “normal” once you return home.



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