Yippee! Getting Your iPhone (or iPad) Ready for iOS 7 – Part 2

In the first part of of this series, I showed you how to begin your iPhone housekeeping with an iCloud and iTunes backup. The following tips will help you finish those housekeeping duties before you download the new operating system iOS 7, which comes out tomorrow. None of the following tips are necessary for upgrading to iOS 7, but just as moving inspires us to clean out our homes and get organized, moving from iOS 6 to iOS 7 inspires me to clean up my iPhone and iPad!

1. Get rid of useless apps on iPhone/iPad and in iTunes

You may have apps you don’t use anymore on your iPhone but you do use them on the iPad. For those apps, you only need to delete them from the iPhone and not from iTunes. To delete an app from your iPhone/iPad, hold your finger on an app icon until it wiggles and then touch the black ‘x’ to delete the app from the device. Press the Home key when you are done.

To delete an app from all of your devices and iTunes, follow my easy-to-follow instructions in my recent article How to Delete iPhone/iPad Apps.

2. Update any apps that need updating

  • Find and touch the App-Store-Icon-with-Updates-36x36 icon on your iPhone/iPad. If there is red circle with a number in the corner of the icon, you have apps that need to be updated. If possible, do this update when you have Wi-Fi instead of using your cellular data plan.
  • Touch Updates on the bottom right.
  • Touch Update All in the upper right.
  • When all of your updates are finished, press the Home key to exit.

3. Organize your apps

Rearrange your apps and group them by most used and/or similarity. My easy-to-follow instructions are here.

4. Clean up your contacts just because it’s a good time to do so

Hopefully, your contacts are synchronized through Gmail or iCloud across all your devices, so deleting or editing once will automatically update all of them!

5. Delete photos from your camera roll

If you are in the habit of taking lots of photos with your iPhone and never deleting them, you are eating up a lot of your storage space! Now is a good time to make certain that the photos you want to keep forever are stored on your computer and delete the ones you no longer want on your iPhone. Remember, you must delete them from Camera Roll, not Photo Stream, to permanently remove them from your iPhone/iPad. For a better understanding of Camera Roll vs. Photo Stream, read my article How to Use Photos (Albums) vs. Photo Stream.

6. Clean up docs from apps on your iPhone/iPad

Whether you are using an app that synchronizes your documents with your computer and the Web like Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote, or your app just stores documents in your iPhone/iPad, it’s a good time to delete the ones that are no longer needed.

7. Delete old Notes

Similar to documents and photos, we have a tendency to forget to delete old Notes on our iPhone/iPad. To delete a Note, simply open it and press the trashcan to delete. If your Notes are synchronized across your devices, it will delete the Note from them also.

When you are certain that your iPhone/iPad has the apps, photos and information you want, you need to do another iTunes manual backup before you upgrade to iOS 7.  Then do a manual Back Up Now from the iCloud Storage & Backup screen on your iPhone/iPad. The instructions for these backups are in Getting Your iPhone (or iPad) Ready for iOS 7 – Part 1.

Take your time with your iPhone/iPad housekeeping. Make certain you keep what you need and want on your devices. There is no rush to upgrade to iOS 7 on September 18, but of course I can’t wait!

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